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Deleting an asset register

You can delete an entire asset register. Note that you cannot delete an asset register if an asset year is currently open.

An asset register with the status of No transaction can be deleted. This means that the asset register contains no added assets.

To delete an asset register
  1. Open the client’s Client Accounting > Assets tab. The Asset Register is displayed.

  2. Click Delete register on the TASKS bar. You are prompted with a message:
    Are you sure that you want to delete ALL the data within the asset register? Data is permanently deleted and cannot be restored.

  3. Two options are available:

    1. Click Yes. All the data created in the asset register for the client is deleted. The status of the asset register is changed to blank. The register settings remain as previously defined, they do not revert to the default settings. If data migration was initiated, the status is reset and the migration status is not displayed and all migrated data is deleted. Any posted journals are not reversed for the prior or current year.

    2. Click No. The message is closed and data in the asset register is not deleted.

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