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Editing asset register settings

The Register Settings window is the only place where you can select to use MYOB Assets Live in integrated or non-integrated mode.

Any changes in the register settings will impact the depreciation calculation and entries generated for the current year.

The depreciation calculation entries can be posted as Taxation or Accounting journals.

You can only edit the Financial year details for the asset register in the year it was created. You will not be able to edit the Financial year details in future years.

How to edit the asset register settings
  1. Open the Register Settings window.
    There are 2 ways to do this:
    • Select Register settings on the Tasks bar of the Asset Register.

    • Select Maintenance > Register settings on the main menu of the Assets Listing page.

  2. Make the changes as required. See Configuring the asset register settings.

  3. If the type of depreciation is changed from Taxation only or Accounting only to Accounting and Taxation then:

    • The Accounting details will default from the Taxation details.

    • (Australia) if the Taxation details show the assets in either a low value or Small business pool then the Accounting details will show the Asset type as General Asset.

      Alternatively, if the type of depreciation is changed from Accounting only to Accounting and Taxation then the Taxation details default from the Accounting details. In either case, the Depreciation Method will be Prime Cost.

  4. Click OK. Changes are saved to the asset register and the Register Settings window closes.
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