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Maintain Control Group window—Control group fields

The control group fields in the Maintain Control Group window:



Account code

This field displays the general ledger account code that will be used for the control group.

Only Balance Sheet accounts can be selected.

This is a mandatory field and must not be blank.


This is the unique name of the control group. It is a mandatory field.

The Name field is limited to a maximum of 50 alphanumeric characters.

Private use %

The percentage of the asset control group value that is for private use.

The default value is 0.00.

Private use % is a percentage field with a range between 0 and 100. It is limited to 5 digits including 2 decimal places.

Mapping status

The last column identifies whether the control group has been mapped to the general ledger or not. Two icons identify the mapping status:

Assets mapped
 indicates that the control group has been mapped to general ledger account(s).

Assets not mapped
 indicates that the control group has not been mapped to general ledger account(s).





To delete a selected control group.


To save a newly created control group or to save changes made to an existing control group.


To close the Maintain Control Group window.

Save as template

To save the information for a selected control group as a template, so that you do not have to enter all the information again. The related chart of account settings and depreciation defaults are saved.

(Australia) The chart of account settings will also be saved for any small business or low value pool.

See Control group templates.

Load template

To use the information stored in an existing template to populate the fields of the Maintain Control Group window.

See Control group templates.

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