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Workpaper Template Designer

Accountants Enterprise only

The MYOB Workpaper Template Designer (also known as Designer) is a tool used to create and customise templates that will be used with MYOB Workpapers. The Designer is a rich text editor that provides basic word processing functionality, similar to Microsoft Word.

MYOB provides a number of master templates which are included as part of the Workpapers installation. These master templates cannot be edited. No additions can be made to the list of current master templates. The master templates are only updated during a new Workpapers release. Any changes made to the master templates by MYOB should not affect any practice templates created from the master templates. Practice templates are created by using the master templates or copying existing practice templates.

You can create tables and calculation fields within practice templates. Practice templates can be exported and imported. This enables different offices to share templates. While a practice template is being customised or is incomplete, it cannot be used to produce live workpapers.

All data within a workpaper will be automatically rolled over into the next period. When you customise practice templates by inserting extra fields (such as calculations and dates), the data contained in these fields will be rolled over, by default, to the next period. You can change whether the data is automatically rolled over or not. Workpaper data can be retrieved from another workpaper in the same client, or in a different client.

Adjusting journals can be created directly from a workpaper with the variance and the account balance from a workpaper template being populated on the Add journal window. Journal entries can be generated for multiple lines, and reference different accounts for each one.

Workpaper variance can be compared with values within the workpaper, and not just the linked account. Multiple variance checks can also be performed within a single workpaper.

The format of a template relies on the use of tables. The behaviour within a template is controlled by fields which manage how data is entered, calculations are performed and data tables manipulated.

Periodically save your template while you are customising it for your practice. There is no undo function in the Designer.

To access Workpapers Designer
  1. Obtain a configuration key for the Designer from MYOB and set the security task permissions.
  2. Open and log on to MYOB AE. Click Start > Programs > MYOB Accountants Enterprise > MYOB AE to open Accountants Division.
  3. Select Maintenance > Client Accounting > Workpaper Templates on the main menu. The MYOB Workpaper Templates window opens.
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