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Adding people

Corporate Compliance and Corporate Admin will be retired on 31 March 2024.
You won't be able to use either software after 31 March 2024. Learn what this means for you

People are added to AE/AO-integrated Corporate Compliance using File > New on the MYOB AE/AO main menu. For example:

File > New > Client…
File > New > Contact… 

These selections open the appropriate MYOB AE/AO wizards (Add New Client and Add New Contact).

Once the person has been added, use their Corporate Compliance tab to add them to Corporate Compliance.

How to add people via MYOB AE/AO
  1. Open MYOB AE/AO and log in.

  2. From the MYOB AE/AO main menu, select either:

    • File > New > Client… 

    • File > New > Contact… 

    The appropriate wizard opens, ready for you to add the new person.

  3. Press [F1] to open the help topic for this wizard.

  4. Complete the steps until the person has been added.

  5. Click Finish. This person’s appropriate page type opens. For example, the person’s Client page or Contact page.

  6. Click the Corporate Compliance tab to reveal its contents. The page contains a link to Corporate Compliance.

  7. Click the link Click here to add this contact to Corporate Compliance. Corporate Compliance opens at the main People selection list, with the new contact’s name highlighted. Press [Enter] to open their individual Person page, which contains the following tabs:

    • Details

    • Positions held

    • Shares & Units Held

    • Name History

    • Address History.

  8. Click a tab to reveal its contents, then press [F1] to open that tab’s help page.

  9. Follow the help instructions.

  10. When finished, click Close to save your changes and close the page.

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