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Changing signing details

Corporate Compliance and Corporate Admin will be retired on 31 March 2024.
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The Change signing details screen is used to select the signing officer and enter the date signed for forms in this list. You must enter this information to lodge a form.

If the status of a form is Generated Unsigned you need to enter the signing details for the form. You can also change the signing details for any form before lodgement, regardless of its status.

How to change the signing details of a form
  1. Click ASIC Forms on the Task Bar. The ASIC Forms screens opens at the In progress tab. (You can also access this function from the Completed not signed screen.)
  2. Select the form in the list.
  3. Click Change signing details on the Task Bar. The Change signing officer screen opens.

  4. Select a Signing officer from the list.

  5. Enter the Date signed (dd/mm/yyyy) or select a date from the calendar.

  6. Click OK. The form is validated by the system.

  7. One of the following messages will display:

    • The selected form is now completed.

      The form’s status is changed to Generated Valid. The form is removed from display on the Forms lodgement screen. You can now lodge your form.

    • The form could not be completed due to ASIC validation errors. The form’s status is changed to Generated Invalid.

      Click Yes to view the validation report.Correct the errors and repeat the process.

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