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Changing transfer details

Corporate Compliance and Corporate Admin will be retired on 15 April 2024.
You won't be able to use either software after 15 April 2024. Learn what this means for you

From the Corporation Members tab, select the share transaction and click Change Transaction Details on the Task Bar. The Change Share Transfer Details screen displays the complete details of the transfer of shares to the selected member. From this screen you can change the following details:

  • Date of transfer

  • Amount paid for the transfer.

If the details to be changed are the certificate number, distinctive numbers, beneficial owner or joint owners, open the Capital tab and click Change Share Issue on the Task Bar. This transaction will be available beside the issue date shown in the Details of original issue.

If the share has been transferred to the wrong new member or the incorrect number of shares has been transferred, delete the transfer transaction and re-process it. To revert the transfer transaction, select the transaction and click Delete share transaction from the Task Bar. The shares that have been transferred will then be returned to the original holder. Use the Transfer Shares wizard to transfer the shares.

How to change a member’s transaction
  1. Select and open the corporation. See Selecting a corporation. The corporation opens at the Details tab.
  2. Click the Members tab. The Members screen opens.
  3. Select the member and click Change transaction details on the Task Bar. The Change Share Transfer Details screen opens.
  4. Change the details as required.
  5. Click OK. The details of the transaction are updated on the Members screen.
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