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Corporate keys

Corporate Compliance and Corporate Admin will be retired on 31 March 2024.
You won't be able to use either software after 31 March 2024. Learn what this means for you

The ASIC maintains a unique identifier for each company, called the Corporate Key. This is an 8 digit number, that is associated with the ACN of the company. This identifier is used for security purposes. The ASIC has provided this as “a security feature to prevent unauthorised persons altering your company information”.

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The Corporate Key is private information, which is only known to ASIC and the person who received the Company Statement. The Corporate Key is updated by ASIC each year for security reasons.

To enter the Corporate Key (as displayed on the Company Statement received)
  1. Click Corporations and select the Corporation from the list.

  2. Click Open.

  3. Click the Details tab.

  4. Click Change Details.

The Corporate Key is printed on the paper copy of these forms:

  • Form 484 — change to company details.

  • Form 370 — notification of resignation.

  • Form 362 — appointment or cessation of a registered agent.

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