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Corporations registered office report

To view/print a Registered Office report
  1. Select ReportsCorporations > Registered office report from the main menu. The Registered office report screen opens.
  2. If necessary, find the corporation by searching or sorting. When found, double-click the company name to display it in the Corporation field on the Registered Office Report screen.
  3. Select
     Print corporation name only if you want to include only the names of the corporations that share the registered address of the selected corporation.
  4. Select to sort by
     Company Name, or
     Company Code, or
  5. Click OK.
    • If the selected corporation has no addresses, you will receive an error message.
    • If the selected corporation has a registered address, the Registered Office Report opens.

The Registered Office Report displays the registered address of the selected corporation and a list of all corporations that share this address as their current registered address.

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