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Display panel

Corporate Compliance and Corporate Admin will be retired on 15 April 2024.
You won't be able to use either software after 15 April 2024. Learn what this means for you

In addition to the Task Bar, the Corporate Compliance interface includes a display panel that occupies the rest of the screen.

The display panel is comprised of the following:

Selection list

A Selection list contains a list of all records in the Corporations, People and Agents modules. To view more details, double-click the record in the list. The Details tab for each module then displays.

Details tabs

In the Corporations, People and Agents modules, you can double-click a record to display further information in a series of Details tabs.

For example, tabs available in the Corporations module are: Details, Addresses, Officers, Capital, Members, Auditors, Name History, Address History, ASIC Forms and Documents.

To return to the Selection list, click Close.

Right-click menu

Right-click the display panel to open a drop-down menu containing appropriate options.

For example, on the Corporations selection list the right-click options are Open corporation details and Delete corporation.

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