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Opening MYOB AE/AO-integrated Corporate Compliance

Corporate Compliance and Corporate Admin will be retired on 15 April 2024.
You won't be able to use either software after 15 April 2024. Learn what this means for you

You can open Corporate Compliance from MYOB AE/AO in a number of different ways.

To open Corporate Compliance from the toolbar
  1. Select Corporate Compliance from the drop-down menu on the Corporate toolbar button. Corporate Compliance opens.

To open Corporate Compliance from the menu
  1. Select Maintenance > Maintenance MapCorporate Compliance > Corporate Compliance from the MYOB AE/AO main menu. Corporate Compliance opens.
To open Corporate Compliance from an MYOB AE/AO client, contact or supplier (AE) page
  1. Find and open a client, or contact or supplier in MYOB AE/AO. The client/contact/supplier’s page will open at the Main tab.
  2. Click the Corporate Compliance tab to display its contents. The contents of this page will vary, as shown in the examples in Corporate Compliance client/contact tab.
  3. If the client/contact/supplier is an existing Corporate Compliance client:
    Click Open Corporation (if the client/contact/supplier is a company).
    Click Open Person (if the client/contact/supplier is a person).

Corporate Compliance will open, displaying this client/contact/supplier’s page at the Details tab. (If a person, you will see his/her People page; if a company, you will see the company’s Corporations page.)

To open Corporate Compliance from the CC Homepage (AE) / page (AO) in MYOB AE/AO

Click a hyperlinked name or code on the homepage/page. In AE, Corporate Compliance will open at the selected company’s Corporations page, or the selected person’s People page.

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