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Viewing and creating client letters

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You may want to include covering letters with company statements sent to your clients. The letter will include details of the invoice and any changes that may be required.

How to view and create the client letter
  1. Click Company Statements on the Task Bar. All company statements received from ASIC are listed on the Company Statements tab.
  2. Select the required statement in the list.
  3. Click View client letter on the Task Bar.
    If you have already created a client letter for this Statement, the client letter displays.
    If you have not created a client letter for this Statement, the Client letter window opens.
  4. Select the required format for the client letter:
    • No changes to the company statement are required
      This template is used when data received is correct and the client is required to check the statement and pay the invoice.

    • Changes to be notified to ASIC
      This template is used when the agent has identified that the Company Statement is incorrect and a Form 484 to notify the changes must also be lodged.

  5. Enter the name of the agent who is to sign the client letter in the Signed By field.
  6. Enter the Date or use the drop-down calendar.
  7. Click OK to display the Client Letter.
  8. To edit the letter, click Edit, make your changes, click Save then Close.
  9. To print, click Print.
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