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Check out information

If you would like to find out who has a document checked out and when it was checked out, use the Checked out info option. You are able to view the information about a checked out document. The information displayed in the Checked Out Information window is a read-only.


To view the check out information for a document
  1. Select the document from the Find Documents page, Analyse Documents page or a Documents tab.

  2. Select Checked out Info on the Tasks bar.
    Select Checked out info on the right-click menu. The Checked Out Information window opens.

  3. View the information on the Checked Out Information window like document title, version number, the employee who has the document checked out, and where and when it is checked out.

  4. Click OK. The Checked Out Information window closes.

The document is now checked out and can be updated before being checked in.

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