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Checking out documents

Check Out copies the document to a specified location to enable off-line editing and locks the item in Document Manager to prevent others from making changes. While a document is checked out, other users will have read only access to the document.

You can only check out one document at a time.


To check out a document

Documents cannot be checked out and edited if they have a Complete or Approved status. Before making changes to a document that has been Completed or Approved, create a new version of that document.

  1. On the Analyse Documents page, Find Documents page or a Documents tab, select the document to be checked out.

  2. Double-click the document title. The document is copied to the default check out path and opened in Edit mode.
    Click Check Out on the Tasks bar.
    Select Check out from the right-click menu. The Check Out window opens. The Check Out location defaults to the check out path set for the employee.

  3. To change the Check Out location, click the ellipse button. The Open document after check out option is selected by default.

  4. Deselect this option if the document is not to be opened and edited now. This lets you lock the document so that it cannot be edited by other users.
  5. Click OK. The document is copied to the specified check out path. If the Open document after check out option has been selected, the program in which the selected file was saved automatically launches, displaying the document.

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