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Disabling Share It auto prompts to the portal

When using Share It, you may not want to be prompted to publish your Document Manager files to your portal.

By default, you’ll be prompted with the message:

The document has been saved into Document Manager. Do you also want to publish it to the client portal?

In AO, to disable this prompt, please contact MYOB Support for details.


To disable the prompt to publish your document to the portal (AE)

To disable this prompt, you’ll need to add/edit a configuration key in your desktop MYOB AE:

  1. Select MaintenanceUser defined > Configuration on the main menu. The Maintenance — Configuration page opens.

  2. Enter the following in the first blank row at the top of the table:

    • Key Name HidePortalShareItPrompt

    • Key Value — 1

    • Comment — Disable auto prompts to publish to the portal.

  3. Press Enter.

  4. Click OK to save and close the Maintenance — Configuration page.

  5. Restart MYOB AE.

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