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The Import option enables you to import a copy of a document (of a recognised file type) from your local machine or another networked source to Document Manager.

Download a PDF guide to learn more about MYOB-DM-Importing-Documents-into-Document-Manager.pdf.

You can also import a file into Document Manager from outside the system by selecting Send To > MYOB Share It on the right-click menu of a file in Windows Explorer.

Use the Import option to import all documents in one folder to a specific client.

To import documents
  1. Select Import document on the Tasks bar. The MYOB Document Manager Share It window opens.

  2. To import one or more selected documents, click

    . The Open window opens.
    To import all documents in a folder, click
    . The Browse For Folder window opens.

  3. Navigate to the document or folder.

  4. Click Open or OK. The selected document(s) are listed in the Document Manager Share It window.

  5. To remove any of the documents in the list:

    1. Click the checkbox of the document that you want to remove.

    2. Click

      . The selected document is removed from the list in the MYOB Document Manager Share It window.

  6. To preview any PDF documents in this list:

    1. Click on the document details in the table to highlight the row. A preview of the document displays in the preview pane.

    2. Use the buttons in the preview pane to zoom in and out and page up and down through the document. This helps you to confirm that you are importing the correct document.

  7. You can change the name of any document to be imported by overtyping the Document Title.
    The Document Type defaults to the first Document Type of each document's application type. See Document Types tab for details.
    You can change the Document Type for each document to be imported from the Document Type drop-down list.
    If the Document Type drop-down list is empty, then no Document Type has been mapped to that document's application type. See Document Types tab for details.

  8. Click OK. The Create Document Wizard opens.

  9. Complete the details for the document(s).

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