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Linking items to file notes

To link documents to a file note
  1. Click the hyperlinked title of the required File Note in the Analyse Documents page, Find Documents page or a Documents tab. The File Note page opens.
  2. Select the entry that the document is to be linked to.

    If the entry already has a linked item, you must Deleting linked items in file notes before adding a new linked item.

    1. Click the ellipse button. The Search for a document window opens.
    2. In the Search Criteria section:

      • Enter the document name or part thereof in the Title field and/or the author's name in the Author field. You can also select a name from the drop-down.

      • Enter the Reference no.

    3. In the Search Contacts section, Current is selected by default. You may select All, if required.

    4. Click Search or press the [Enter] key. The search results display. You can sort the search results alphabetically by clicking a column header.

  3. To view a document before linking, select a document and click View. The program in which the selected file was saved launches automatically, displaying the document.

  4. To confirm the selection, click OK. The selected document link is listed under Linked item.

  5. To save the changes and close the File Note, click OK.

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