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MYOB Document Manager is a document management system that streamlines the processes involved in creating and retrieving information. A variety of document views are available and they enable you to sort and categorise documents in different ways. The Search facilities can be used to find specific documents. There are various ways in which documents can be retrieved.

Document Manager can be configured for the requirements of your own organisation. Security can be implemented so that only certain people are allowed to make changes to information or to change the status settings, such as reviewing documents.

Document Manager manages all communication with your clients; correspondence, faxes, telephone calls, file notes, working papers and email. Documents and tasks are created, worked on and reviewed online, which gives you instant access to client data and documents.

Tasks and responsibilities can be assigned directly to documents using Document Manager. This allows team members to review work that has been allocated to them and to directly access the related documents. They are able to collaborate on projects so that more than one person can work on a file at the same time regardless of where they are.

Integration with your email communications is also possible through Document Manager. It allows you to efficiently store, search and retrieve all client emails regardless of who prepared or received the emails in the office.

There are various document types that can be created and stored in Document Manager. The following file types can be imported or shared in Document Manager:

  • Microsoft Word documents

  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheets

  • Microsoft Outlook emails

  • Microsoft PowerPoint presentations

  • Microsoft Visio documents

  • PDFs

  • Bitmaps

  • Movies and sound clips.




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