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Returning documents for rework

Accountants Enterprise only

You will be notified by email when there are documents for you to review and approve. You can open the document by clicking the attachment in the email.

You can also configure your Document view or to list all documents by their status (Awaiting Approval, In Progress, Rework and Complete/Approved). If changes are required to the document sent to you for approval, you can send the document back for rework.


To return a document for rework
  1. Access the Approvals window. This can be done in a number of ways:

    • In Microsoft Word or Excel, click the Set as Rework icon.

    • From the Find Documents page, Analyse Documents page or a Documents tab, select the required document. Select Rework on the Tasks bar.

    • From one of the Document Manager homepages, select the required document. Click the Rework icon.

    The Approvals window opens, displaying the document status as Rework and the team member's name (who sent the document for approval) in the Responsible field. The subject line displays the document number with the status. For example, “Document 50_1: This needs rework”.

  2. Enter your comments and make any other changes to the details, as required.

  3. To send this document as an attachment to the responsible team member, select the Send Email option.

  4. To edit the email prior to sending, select the Edit email before sending option.

  5. Click Next. The History tab opens where you can view the approvals history of the document.

  6. Click Finish. The document status is set to Rework.

    If you selected the Send Email option, an email with the attached document is sent to the selected team member.

    If you selected the Edit email before sending option, a new email opens with the same subject line as in the Status window. For example, “Document 50_1: This needs rework”.

    1. Enter the required comments to the email body.

    2. Click Send Team Email. The email with the attached document is sent to the responsible team member.

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