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Sending documents to your client

Easily send documents from your desktop to the cloud so that your client can view and download or print the documents. For instance, send your client their financial statements, invoices, tax returns.

All clients that have been included as part of the portal will be able to view documents that you publish to the portal. Any contributors will only see what you allow them to.

You can choose to simply publish documents to the portal without notifying your client.


To send documents to your client for them to view and file
  1. Open MYOB AE/AO on your desktop.

  2. Select one or more documents to publish to your client portal. See Selecting documents to publish to your portal.

    1. If you’ve already created your client portal, then the Publish to Client Portal Name Portal page in MYOB AE/AO Live displays.

    2. If you haven’t created a portal for your client, you’ll be prompted to select whether to:

      • create one for your client, or
        You’ll be directed to the Create Portal page to create your client portal

      • add them to an existing portal.
        You’ll then be prompted to select the portal to which you wish to add your client to and click Add. After confirming the addition to the selected portal, you can edit the client portal.The client you’ve just added will be identified with a

        All existing full access users of the client portal will be able to see the new client’s documents. The Publish to Client Portal Name portal page in MYOB AE/AO Live opens where Client Portal Name is the name of the client portal that you are publishing documents to. The client name is listed directly below the page heading. The documents you selected to publish from your desktop product are listed within a table.

  3. For each document:

  1. classify it into an appropriate category in the Tag column.

  2. (Optional) Select the appropriate tag from the drop-down. Selecting a tag for your document is like filing it in a specific folder, making it easier for you to search for it later.

  3. select the appropriate Year option for your document from the drop-down. You must select a Year option.

  4. order it in the list, as required. Click

     in front of the document you wish to reorder. Drag it to the position in the list where you want it to be positioned.
    As you’re just sending documents to your client, ignore the Signature required column for now. See Getting your client’s digital approval on a document for more details.

  • Click Publish. A message will be displayed across the top of the page that the documents have been published successfully.
    On your portal:

    • The documents will be listed on the Documents > Sent page of your portal.
    • The documents will be listed on the Documents > Received page of your client’s portal.
    On your desktop MYOB AE/AO:
    • Once the current latest version of the document has been published to the portal, an
       icon is placed next to the document on your Clients > Documents tab and the Versioning page of Document Manager.
    • An
       icon is placed next to a document on the Clients > Documents tab, where an earlier version of the same document has been published to the client portal.
  • Your client will not be notified that the documents have been published to their portal.

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