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Accountants Enterprise only

There are four Document Manager options that are available for use on your homepage.

The available homepage options for Document Manager are:

  • Administration (this option is only available for administrators of Document Manager)

  • Mail Centre

  • My Documents

  • My Checked Out Documents.

To access the toolbox
  1. Click the Home downward arrow on the main toolbar.
  2. Select an appropriate homepage view.
  3. Click Customise homepage on the Tasks bar. The Toolbox opens.
  4. Click Document Manager at the bottom of the Toolbox.
  5. Drag the icon of your selected option from the Toolbox to the content area of your homepage. The toolbox option is displayed on your homepage where is can be resized and moved within the homepage as required.
  6. Rename the homepage view to something more appropriate.
  7. Select the view from the Tasks bar. The Rename View window opens.
  8. Type the view name.
  9. Click OK.
  10. Click Save homepage on the Tasks bar.
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