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Unlocking checked out documents

If you would like to check out a document that has been checked out by another staff member who is not available to check it back in, then it can only be unlocked by another staff member with Document Manager Administrator rights.

Take care when unlocking a checked out document as you may not be working on the latest updates to the document and information may be lost.


To unlock a document
  1. On the Analyse Documents page, Find Documents page or a Documents tab, select the document to be unlocked for checked out.

  2. Click Undo Checkout on the Tasks bar.
    Select Undo checkout from the right-click menu. The Undo Checkout window opens with the full path of the checked out document.

  3. Select the Delete local file after undo checkout option if the checked out copy of the file does not need to be saved. By default, the Delete local file after undo checkout option is not selected. This option allows you to view the changes made in this copy.

  4. Click OK to remove the checked out status of the document. The document is reverted to its original state before it was checked out. All changes made since it was checked out are lost.

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