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Viewing a document audit trail

Audit Trail  enables employees to see what changes were made to a document, when it was checked out or in, when new versions were created and the status of documents requiring approval. The information displayed in the Audit Trail  window is read-only.


To view the audit trail of a document
  1. On the Analyse Documents page, Find Documents page or a Documents tab, select the document.

  2. Select Audit Trail on the Tasks bar.
    Select Audit Trail from the right-click menu. The Audit Trail window opens. This window lists the document’s creation date and time, what changes have been made to it and if it requires approval, which stages in the approval process it has completed.

  3. Sort, filter or group the displayed information, as required.

  4. Click Export to Excel to export the displayed list of document history to Microsoft Excel.

  5. Click OK. The Audit Trail window closes.

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