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MYOB Intranet


MYOB Intranet provides a single, secure location for your practice tools, news, standard documents and other standard layouts. It allows easy access all your practice documents and items from a single location ensuring consistent, accurate, quality team work. You can use MYOB Intranet to quickly produce client letters, access practice standards and policies — even stay up-to-date with industry and practice news. MYOB Intranet and its administration functionality is integral to the operation of MYOB Document Manager as it provides the ability to configure:

  • standard items

  • stationery items

  • categories

  • team members and their roles.

Some of the key features of MYOB Intranet are:

  • Offers full-text search for the fast retrieval of documents and tools.

  • Allows you to create documents using client information from your practice management database.

  • Manages and provides access to standard practice documents and other items to ensure high quality work.

  • Allows you to configure your own structure for storing content.

  • Frequently-used documents can be saved and quickly referenced as Favourites.

  • Provides a knowledge base so that you can share information and knowledge across the practice.

The documents in MYOB Intranet are integrated with one of the practice management systems: MYOB AO Classic, MYOB Accountants Enterprise (MYOB AE), MYOB Accountants Office (MYOB AO) or MYOB Profiles. This allows client letters to be produced efficiently and accurately by automatically displaying client details.

You can use your own practice standard items in MYOB Intranet or you can use those available in other services. You can also store procedural documents, such as job responsibilities and key tasks by role (e.g., receptionist, manager, administrator).

MYOB Intranet not only manages your practice master documents, it can also be used to share other information. For example, you may want to build your own practice library, where you store general industry news, as well as practice-specific information. This could include:

  • Practice news – to keep everyone up-to-date with what is happening in the practice.

  • Newsletters – industry updates from professional associations and other groups.

  • Software suppliers – updates and bulletins regarding software and technology.

  • Tax office correspondence – a central repository for all tax office updates and correspondence.

  • Web links – useful practice-wide favourites for all users.

New content can only be added to MYOB Intranet by an administrator of the system. The master documents only need to be updated once and in one location. This ensures there is only one version of an item available. All items referenced in MYOB Intranet are stored in user-defined categories or directories. This means you can set up and tailor the categories to suit your practice or individual teams.

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