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Adding a partner to a client

In AE/AO you may need to add a new Partner to the database if there has been a change of ownership in the practice.

For instructions on setting up a new partner in the database refer to Partners.

For more information, refer to Adding and maintaining responsibilities.

To set up a Partner, ensure that you have the employee created first in order to assign them as a Partner. Refer to Creating new employees. Once the partner has been created, you are able to then attach the partner on the Responsibility tab of the client.

If there is a previous partner, ensure that you enter an end date for that partner, making sure it doesn't overlap with the start date of the new partner.
To attach a partner to a client
  1. Click Contacts. The Find Clients page opens.
  2. Search for your client.
  3. Double click to open the client if not already open. The Client page opens.
  4. Select the Responsibility tab.
  5. Type the start date for the partner into the Start Date field and press TAB twice. The ellipsis [...] button appears in the Partner field.
  6. Click the ellipsis [...] button. The Find Partners screen appears.
  7. Click Search. A list of the available partners appears.
  8. Select the relevant partner and click OK. The partner selected appears in the Partner field.
  9. Click OK to save.
  10. Should there be a previous partner, enter an end date for that partner making sure it doesn't overlap with the start date of the new partner.
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