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Adding and maintaining team responsibility

To add and maintain team responsibility
  1. Find and open the client, contact or supplier.

  2. Click the Responsibility tab.

  3. Click the ellipse button in the Employee field of the Team section. The Find window opens.

  4. Search for an employee.

    1. This can be done in a number of ways:
      1. Enter the name of the employee in the Search for field and click Search to list employees with the search criteria in the names. Select an employee from the resulting list.
      2. Select Search any part of name/code and enter the search criteria in the Search for field. Click Search and select an employee from the resulting list.
      3. Click Search to display all the employees and select an employee from the resulting list.
      4. The employee can also be searched for based on their level of Responsibility, Company, Departments, Centres and Offices. Select the suitable option/s from the drop-down/s. Click Search.

        Double-clicking the employee name in the Find window selects the employee and closes the window.

  5. Select the Responsibility from the drop-down in the Team area. The responsibility is assigned to the selected employee.
  6. Click outside the Team section to display a new blank row at the top of the table. Use this blank row to add another employee to the team.

  7. Select other team members and assign responsibilities as required. You can edit team responsibilities by using the Responsibility drop-down at any point.

    To modify the team, you can either delete employees (see Step 8.) and then add employees or click the name of an employee and then replace the selected employee using the Find window. The procedure for selecting a replacement team member is the same as that for adding an employees except that you need to click the employee name you want to replace instead of clicking a blank Employee field.

  8. To delete an employee, click the employee name and then [Delete]. The name is deleted and no longer visible.

  9. When you have finished setting up the team, enter additional information in the Notes section if required.
  10. Click OK. This will save the Team details. The Supplier page closes and you are returned to the search results window.
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