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Adding associations to existing contacts

The Associated tab is used to view and create relationships between clients, contacts or (AE) suppliers in your database. You can create a link from the selected client, contact or supplier to an existing contact or client or create a new contact as you define the relationship.

To add an association to an existing contact or client
  1. Find and open the client, contact or (AE) supplier.
  2. Click the Associated tab.
  3. Click Add on the Tasks bar. The Add Contact Relationship window opens.
  4. From the list of available relationships, select the one that applies to the association you want to add. The selected relationship is displayed in the Relationship field.

  5. If required, click Invert to change the type of association.

  6. Select the Contacts.

    1. Click the magnifying glass button. The Find Contacts window opens.
    2. Enter the name of the contact to find in the Search for field.

      You can enter “%” in the Search for field and click Search to find all contacts.

    3. Click Search or press [Enter]. The results are displayed in a list.
    4. Select the required contact from the list.
    5. Click OK. The Find Contacts window closes. The selected contact is displayed in the Contacts field.
  7. Enter the Start Date of the association in the format dd/mm/yyyy, or select if from the drop-down calendar.
  8. Enter the End Date of the association (if applicable) in the format dd/mm/yyyy, or select it from the drop-down calendar.
  9. Click OK. The new association is listed in the Associated tab.

    (AE) If you use Add to create a new contact for the association, the new contact will be added to the system. You can then click the contact’s name in the Associated tab or search for the contact and fill in the details in their Contact page as you would with any other contact. You can then convert the new contact into a client or supplier if required.

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