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Adding tasks to stages

Accountants Enterprise only

A task is the basic activity or step performed by an employee while working for the practice. Each task has a code associated with it and is maintained in the system under a task code.

Examples of tasks are:

  • Allocate job

  • Collate information

  • Balance accounts

  • Send for review

  • Check accuracy

  • Sign off work.

To add a task to a stage
  1. Find and open the assignment. See Finding and opening assignments. The Assignment Details page opens.

  2. Click the Schedule tab.

  3. Select the Schedule required from the drop-down. This is the located in the top left of the tab. The Schedule list is displayed.

  4. If you want time and disbursements recorded against specific tasks, select the Task Related checkbox. This is located adjacent to the Schedule drop-down.

    If you select the Task Related checkbox, the tasks you allocate to the stage will be displayed for selection when an employee completes a timesheet. It means that an employee can only choose the tasks you allocated to the stage when the client’s assignment and schedule are selected in their Timesheet.

  5. Click the expand button

     beside the stage you want to add a task to. The stage expands to show more details.

  6. Click Tasks at the end of the Employee Category row. The Review Accounts window opens with the Available Tasks for the Stage Description.

  7. Select a Task from the Available Tasks panel that you want to associate with the stage.

  8. Move the Tasks to the Selected Tasks panel using the right-hand arrow.

  9. Repeat step 7 and 8 as appropriate.

  10. Click OK.

  11. Repeat for each Stage in the Stage Listing.

  12. Click OK to save and close the Assignment Details page.

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