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Addresses tab

The Addresses tab is available on the:

  • Client page

  • Contact page

  • (AE) Supplier page.

The Addresses tab is used to add, edit and maintain the various addresses and phone numbers associated with a client, contact or (AE) supplier. The Addresses tab is used to enter:

  • Various addresses, such as home, business, postal

  • Various phone numbers, such as home, business, mobile

  • Fax number

  • Email address

  • Any website addresses linked to the client, contact or supplier

  • Other details.

You can maintain several types of addresses for each client, contact or supplier. For example, you can store a home address, a business address and a postal address. The primary address and contact numbers are listed on the Main tab — they can only be added, edited, linked, deleted, and so on from the Maintain Contact Addresses window. Additional addresses and phone numbers are displayed on the Addresses tab.

You can also store any extra contact details in the Phone and Other Details section. For example, you may want to record a website address or personal email. See Phone and other details.

The created addresses are listed in the Addresses section. If a number of address types are listed on the Addresses section, you can expand or contract the detailed information for each using the arrows associated with the address type.

(AO) In Practice Manager, the Postal address is defined as the primary address. If you do not enter a Postal address, no address information is displayed on the Main tab for the client or contact.

For example, you may have a home address and a billing address defined for a client, contact or supplier. Each of the addresses are displayed by address type in the Address Type column. The types that can be added depend on the types created by your system administrator.

If you want to re-use the client or contact’s name and address in another application, click on the address you want to copy and click

to copy the information to the clipboard. Open the application you want to copy to and press [Ctrl + V] to paste the name and address information.

(AE) The Addresses and Phone and Other Details types must be created by your system administrator (using Maintenance > Address/Phone > Address Type… and Phone number and Email address…) before they can be accessed from the Addresses tab. Each address type can only be used once for a client, contact or supplier.

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