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Billing Group tab

Practice Manager only

The Billing Group tab is only available on the Client page.

The Billing Group tab is used to view and create billing groups. This tab contains details of parent and child relationships between clients. From here it is possible to add child clients or a parent to the selected client. Double-click a child or parent client in the Billing Group tab to open the corresponding Client page.

Billing groups can be set up to allow a single bill to be raised for a group of related clients. Generally, any client who has WIP recorded against them can receive a bill. There are times, however, when clients have relationships with other clients in the system and require WIP to be re-directed between members of a particular group. This is achieved by setting up parent clients and corresponding child clients within the system.

Billing groups are composed of one parent and one or more child clients. A child client can have its WIP re-directed and invoiced to another client (the parent client). A parent client can have one or more child clients’ WIP re-directed to them for billing purposes. A billing group is defined by allocating a parent client to a child client via the Billing Group tab of either the child’s or parent’s Client page.

Creating groups of clients allows for more than one client’s WIP to be billed on the same invoice. You can also report on billing groups.

If the group option is being used when billing at the client level, the Bill Amounts page lists all the WIP for the parent client, along with any WIP attached to the child clients. In the same way, any WIP values and reports for the parent client also contain the WIP value for any child clients.

The bill for a group is generated via the Bills tab of the parent client. It will automatically include any WIP associated with any child clients that are attached to them. You can still invoice a child client directly, however, if required.

You can also remove a parent client or a child client from this tab.

(AE) You can also create billing groups at the assignment level. This would then only include the WIP attached to a child assignment when a bill is raised for the parent client at the assignment level. Billing at the client level will not include any WIP of a child assignment unless the client attached to the child assignment is also a child client of the parent. This can be done on the Assignment Details page > Group tab.

(AE) If you do not want to set up a billing group you can add a client assignment as required by clicking Add Assignment 

at the top of the Bill Amounts page. Remember, however, this will not be included in group billing report information.

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