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Cash book receipts

Accountants Enterprise only

The Cash Book Receipt window is used to enter money paid to the practice but not allocated against an assignment or task. For example, a refund on goods purchased with cash.

The window can be accessed by selecting Bookkeeping > GL Cash Posting > Cash Book Receipt from the main menu.

To raise a cash book office receipt (non sales ledger)
  1. Select Bookkeeping > GL Cash Posting > Cash Book Receipt on the main menu. The Cash Book Receipt page opens.

  2. Select the Company for which you are making the payment.

  3. Select a bank Account.

  4. Select the payment method from the Source drop-down.

  5. Enter a unique reference Number.

  6. Enter an expense Description.

  7. Enter the net amount of the invoice in the Net column.

  8. Select the Tax Rate. The Tax and Gross fields will be populated with the relevant amounts.

  9. Click the Nominal column and select the appropriate account code.

  10. Enter the gross amount of the payment in the Amount field.

  11. Click Post. The Receipt Created message is displayed.

  12. Click OK to complete the procedure. The originally selected item disappears from the Cash Book Receipt window and the receipt is created.

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