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Changing timesheet data entry modes

Accountants Enterprise with Practice Manager (AEPM) only

You can choose from three different views or modes when entering timesheets:

  • periodic
  • daily or
  • calendar

When a new employee is created the default timesheet data entry view is set to periodic.

If you have the authority, you can change the time entry mode for other employees.

Where the timesheet view has not changed, log into MYOB AE as a Superuser on the affected user's workstation. Change the Time Entry Mode for the employee and log out. When the user logs back into AE, check that the timesheet opens in the correct view.
To change your or another employee’s timesheet Time Entry Mode
  1. Select ContactsOpen > Employees from the toolbar.

  2. Remove the tick from the Hide form when only one item found checkbox.
  3. From the Find Employees window, select your name or that of another employee you are changing the timesheet entry modes for.

    To display all employees, leave the Search for field blank and click Search.

  4. Click System settings on the TASKS bar. The Timesheet User Settings window opens.

    You can also access System Settings from the Employees Timesheet tab once you have opened their record.

  5. Select the appropriate Time Entry Mode.

  6. Click OK. The Timesheet User Settings window closes.

  7. Close and re-open AE. The timesheet data entry mode is changed and will take effect the next time the employee logs into AE.

    If you are viewing an existing Timesheet with entries, you will not see them if you choose a Periodic entry in a Calendar view.
    You need to post all periodic entries before changing to Calendar entry mode.

  8. When you open your Timesheet next, it is displayed in the view you selected.

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