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Creating To Do items

Accountants Enterprise only

You can create new To Dos using the To Do wizard which can be accessed from various contact pages. The To Do wizard contains three tabs:

  • Main — This tab is used to supply the details of the To Do item being created.

  • History — This tab stores details about the practice team member who has been assigned the To Do item and when it was re-assigned to another team member. This information cannot be deleted and you cannot enter information directly here. It is the only record of changes made to the To Do item for the assigned practice team member.

  • Notes — This tab displays all notes added to a To Do item.

To create a new To Do item
  1. Find and open the relevant client, contact, employee, assignment or supplier page.

  2. Click the To Do tab.

  3. Select the relevant To Do option on the Tasks bar. The To Do wizard opens on the Main tab by default.

  4. Add information in the following fields on the Main tab.

    Options available in the Actions section depend on the To Do item selected.
    If you are creating a new Correspondence or Documentation To Do item, then you must first select a file from the Open window to which the To Do item will link to. When the file has been selected and you click Open, the To Do wizard opens.

  5. Add information in the following fields on the Main tab.




    A short description of the To Do item used to identify it. This field is normally automatically filled with a description of the selected To Do item. This description should be edited to something more meaningful.


    Some To Do items have actions associated with them. If an item has an action associated, click the hyperlink to activate the action (e.g., click Create Outlook Appointment).


    The default is the logged-in practice team member. You can assign the To Do item to a different person by clicking the magnifying glass button to open the Find Employee window to find and select a different employee.


    The default is Not started. Select the required status from the drop-down.


    The default is Medium. Select the required priority from the drop-down.

    Due End

    This field is used to enter a completion date for the To Do item. The default is the system date. To change the date, enter a date in the format dd/mm/yyyy or select it from the drop-down calendar.


    Click to link the task to either a contact/client or a specific assignment. Click the magnifying glass button to locate the contact/client or assignment that the To Do item will be created for. The hyperlink opens the appropriate contact/client or assignment.


    Enter a heading for the note. Enter details for the note or, if you want to use formatted text, click 

    to open the rich text editor.

  6. Click Finish if you do not need to view the History or Notes tab. The To Do wizard closes.

  7. Click Next or click the History tab to continue. The History tab contents are displayed. You will see, but cannot alter:

    • Date — the date and time when the assigned-to team member was changed.

    • Assigned To — the team member to whom the To Do item was assigned on that date.

    • Assigned By — the team member who made the change.

  8. Click Next or click the Notes tab.

    Notes are added and entered on the Main tab (see Step 4., above).

    You will see, but cannot alter:

    • A list of note titles and their dates and times for this To Do item.

    • The contents of each note, selected by clicking its title.

  9. Click Finish. To close the To Do wizard. The To do details are displayed in the relevant To Do tab and the employee’s Task window on their homepage.

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