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Debtors are people or organisations who owe money to your practice for goods and/or services that you have supplied to them.

The Debtors Ledger enables you to view all outstanding debtors transactions as well as historical transactions. These are in essence unpaid bills.

Receipts and adjustment entries are entered in the Debtors Ledger. Receipts can be allocated to a specific bill item down to the employee level.

The Style and Mode fields of the Debtors Ledger change to reflect the selected view. The Ledger table incorporates additional columns depending on the selected view.

Some options and buttons will not be available for use depending on the selected view.

By default, only unpaid debtors transactions are displayed in the Debtors Ledger. Click the Show Zero checkbox located at the bottom of the Debtors Ledger to show all transactions from a specified dated.

Any entries in the debtors ledger in RED are overdue payments.

The Debtors Ledger has the following views which can be accessed from either the TASKS bar or the toolbar:

  • Adjustments—this mode enables you to create an adjustment note for a particular debtor payment.

For more information, see Entering debtor adjustments / writing off debtor amounts.
  • Receipt—this mode enables you to enter receipts for payments received against outstanding client bills and unallocated cash.

For more information, Debtors receipts.
  • Ledger—this mode enables you to view the aged debt for the client and reverse receipts entered incorrectly.

You can also export the client bill data to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or preview or print it.

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