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Employee Budget Toolbox option

Accountants Enterprise with Practice Manager only

Drag Employee Budget from the Practice Manager Toolbox to your homepage.

This table is used to track the performance of employees at the monthly and year-to-date levels.

The columns beside each employee are:

  • Target  This is taken from the number of chargeable hours entered for an employee in the Employee page > Budget tab. The Target charge amounts are the number of budgeted hours multiplied by the employee’s standard charge as entered in their Charge Rates tab.

  • Planned figures — This figure is derived from the number of hours assigned to an employee for work on assignment schedules for the month or year. The Charge amounts in the Planned columns are derived from the number of hours multiplied by the employee charge rate.

  • Actual column — This column displays the number of hours posted in timesheets for the employee in the current month and for the year to date. The Actual amounts in the Charge columns display the amount of WIP generated by the employee from those posted hours.

Right-click the display to open an options menu that enables you to:

  • Switch on the Percentage Tracker to set a percentage to measure employee performance. Any employees highlighted in red are below the percentage. The figures in the Actual columns are compared to the figures in the Target column to calculate whether employees are performing to the selected percentage or not.

  • Switch on/off the Show totals display at the foot of the columns.

  • Field Chooser enables you to select additional columns to be displayed in the Employee Budget table.

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