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Entering a Debtor discount

Practice Manager only

In MYOB Accountants Enterprise Practice Manager (AEPM), you can give a discount to a client after a bill has been posted, via the debtors ledger.

If you need to print an adjustment note to send to the client, you should enter an Adjustment instead. See Entering Debtor adjustments for steps on how to enter an adjustment.

To create a discount
  1. From within Practice Manager, open your client's record and click Debtors Ledger in the Tasks bar.
  2. From the Debtors ledger, click Receipt in the Tasks bar. The receipt data entry screen appears.

  3. Select the company from the Company drop-down list and complete the Date and Description fields as required.
  4. Select the transaction to apply the discount against, then place your cursor in the Discount field.
  5. Enter the discount amount then press the TAB key on the keyboard. Check the Gross Unpaid value for the entry is reduced by the value of the discount entered before posting.
  6. Click Post. The message "Posting will commit these transactions PERMANENTLY. Do you wish to continue?" appears.
  7. Click Yes to post the transaction.
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