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Exporting employee ledgers to Microsoft Excel

Accountants Enterprise only

You can export data from single or multiple employee ledgers to Microsoft Excel, where you can display it in spreadsheet or graphical form for further manipulation.

To export the employee ledger to Microsoft Excel
  1. Select Bookkeeping > Employee Ledger on the main menu. The Employee Expense Payments window opens.
  2. Select a Company from the drop-down. The system uses the Account field to display the account from which the payment is drawn. Account details are maintained in Maintenance > Ledger Maintenance > Nominal Codes.
  3. Enter the Employee Code or Employee Name. The employee details and a list of all outstanding invoices is displayed. When the employee’s name is entered, the Employee Code is displayed automatically.

  4. Click

     the Microsoft Excel icon. The Employee Ledger is transferred to a Microsoft Excel worksheet and displayed.

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