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Exporting supplier purchase ledgers to Microsoft Excel

Accountants Enterprise only

This procedure is used to report on the current situation relating to a supplier. It will allow you to export information from their purchase ledger to Microsoft Excel.

To export a supplier purchase ledger to Microsoft Excel
  1. Select BookkeepingCreditors > Creditors Payment on the main menu. The Payments window opens.

  2. Select either the Ledger option or the Payments option.

  3. Enter the Supplier Code or the Supplier Name, then press [Enter]. When one is entered correctly, the other displays automatically. A list of all outstanding invoices for the selected supplier is displayed.

  4. Click

    to export the supplier’s purchase ledger to Microsoft Excel. The Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is displayed. You can save or print the Microsoft Excel sheet.

  5. Close Microsoft Excel when you have finished.

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