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The Maintenance menu enables you to configure and maintain the system to best fit how your practice works. You can configure the application to:

  • Represent the structure of the practice.

  • Extend the functionality of the application.

  • (AE) Connect to other MYOB applications.

Configuring the application is essential for:

  • Providing the correct settings to enable employees to perform their work.

  • Keeping the application secure so that settings are not inadvertently changed.

  • (AE) Launching MYOB compliant applications.

The system administrator is responsible for configuring and maintaining the system so that:

  • Recorded information is structured correctly and is useful to the practice.

  • (AE) Linked applications launch and operate correctly.

Configuring and maintaining the application covers such areas as:

  • The practice structure — companies, offices, departments, centres, partners.

  • (AE) Employee categories and leave types.

  • Security groups, security permissions and adding employees to a security group.

  • Extra fields and categories.

  • Alias types and address, phone and email types.

  • Document creation settings.

All information created and maintained within the (AE) Maintenance menu / (AO) Maintenance Map has an impact on the operating system of the application. As a result, if there is any doubt as to what needs to be done, please contact an MYOB Consultant.

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