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Processing bad debts

When you are unable to collect monies for unpaid invoices from a client, you will need to write off these debtor amounts to bad debts in Practice Manager.

To do this, enter a bad debt against the relevant fee number. The value will no longer be included in the current debt for the client or for the firm.


To process a bad debt for a client
  1. Open the relevant client. The Client page opens.
  2. Click Debtors ledger on the Tasks bar. The debtors ledger for the client opens.
  3. Click Adjustments on the Tasks bar. The Debtors Ledger changes to Adjustment mode.
  4. Enter the Date of the bad debt by entering or selecting a date from the drop-down calendar.
  5. Enter a bad debt number in the Receipt Number to help track the adjustment.

    It is recommended you enter the original bill number. The number you enter will be prefaced with Bad Debt when it is stored in the system.
  6. Enter a Description if required.
  7. Enter the amount of bad debt for the respective bill(s) in the Bad Debt column.

    To reduce the bill enter a positive amount.
    Check the Gross Unpaid and Tax Unpaid amounts have reduced to the correct amount prior to posting.
  8. Click Post. The prompt Posting will commit these transactions PERMANENTLY. Do you wish to continue? appears.

    If do you not click Post after entering the bad debt it is not saved.

  9. Click Yes. The entry is posted and the bad debt adjustment is automatically allocated against the respective bill(s).

    Practice Manager does not provide the option to print a bad debt note.

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