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Productivity Toolbox option

Practice Manager only

(AE) To add this to your homepage, drag Productivity from the Practice Manager Toolbox to your homepage.

A pie chart is displayed that represents the productivity of the selected employee or selected group of employees. For exact figures, hover your mouse over the various segments of the chart.

The right-click menu options enable you to select:

  • The date range. Available date ranges are:

  • Current Month

  • Prior Month

  • Year To Date

  • Last 12 Months.

  • Copy Graph enables you to copy the graph to the clipboard from where it can be used in another application.

  • Options, which opens the Productivity Options window.

The Employee Productivity Pie Chart Options window enables you to:

  • View the productivity for another employee.

  • View the productivity for a group of employees (by employee category).

  • View the productivity for all the employees.

  • Select which Time Categories are to be included in the productivity analysis.

  • Select the number of time categories to be displayed separately in the graph. For example, if the Maximum number of Time Categories is entered as 6, then the 5 top time categories are listed by name and all other categories are displayed together as All Other.

To change the productivity display
  1. Right-click anywhere in the Productivity graph and select Options. The Productivity Pie Chart Options window opens.
  2. Select or de-select the Time Categories required. The Time Categories are defined for your practice in Maintenance > Maintenance Map (AO)Time Setup > Time Processing Categories

  3. Select Grouping if you want to limit the number of Time Categories displayed and enter the maximum number (two is the minimum).

  4. Select whether you want to display productivity for:

    • One employee. The default is you, but if you have the security permissions, click the ellipse button and select another individual.

    • All employees with selected employee category. If you have the security permissions, click the ellipse button and select an Employee Category.

    • All employees.

  5. Click OK to save and close the Productivity Pie Chart Options window. The updated Productivity Pie Chart is displayed.
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