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To Do tab

Accountants Enterprise only

The To Do tab is available on the:

  • Assignment Details page

  • Clients page

  • Contacts page

  • Employee page

  • Suppliers page.

The To Do tab enables you to create, view and amend the tasks or activities that are planned or completed for the selected contact, client, employee, supplier or assignment. From here you can click a task in the list to display the details in the Task Details page, from where you can view or amend the information.

All current and outstanding tasks assigned to the logged-in employee are also listed in the To Do Toolbox option window on the homepage. See To Do items on your homepage.

When you are viewing the To Do tab you can filter the list of activities shown using the Show drop-down and Due Date drop-down.

From the Show drop-down you can filter the list of activities based on whether they are Not Started, Planned, In Progress, Complete, Risk or Problem. The default setting is In Progress. The items listed are also determined by the selection in the Due Date field. If you only want to view tasks up to a certain date, select the date from the drop-down calendar or enter the date. Overdue schedules are displayed in red.

You can also access the activity tasks from the Find page when searching for a contact, client, supplier, employee or assignment. Click a record in the Find page then right–click to access the menu. You can then select the New Task option and the task to create for the selected record. The Task Details window opens for you to enter the details.

The type of To Do items available for the To Do tab depend on the applications you have installed.

From here you can:

  • Select the Employee to assign the task to. Click the field to access the Find window.

  • Select the relevant contact, client, supplier or assignment. The record selected in the page where you accessed the To Do tab is selected by default. Click the field to access the Find window.

  • Add, edit or delete the Due and Actual start and end dates.

  • Add, edit or delete the current Status of the task.

  • Add, edit or delete the Task Duration.

  • Enter any notes in the Notes field at the bottom of the page.

When you click OK after creating a new task, the details are displayed in the relevant To Do tab and employee’s Tasks on their homepage.

See To Do's for more information on how to create, edit and print To Do items.

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