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Practice Manager

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Practice Manager provides the common tools you need in a powerful client and contact management system. It provides all the functionality of a contact system, plus additional productivity tools to manage the client relationship and other vital practice data, e.g., employee and reporting information. These features are designed to help manage client and contact information, organise CRM tasks and manage practice resources.

(AO Australia) Practice Manager also provides the ability to prepare and submit tax returns for your clients.

The main features of Practice Manager are its ability to:

  • Create and maintain central contact and client information

  • Store multiple addresses such as Postal, Business and Home

  • Maintain contact history for CRM purposes

  • Maintain employee permissions and security

  • Manage contact and client relationships with one another.

When you first use Practice Manager:

  • (AO) the view defaults to the Find Client page. This is the starting point each time you log on and the view displayed when you click Home unless you change your initial view.

  • (AE) the view defaults to the homepage.

Practice Manager consists of four areas:

You navigate by making a selection from the toolbar or Tasks bar or by clicking the tab of any open page on the tab bar. The tab of the current page is yellow.

To view a page, click its tab to bring the page to the front. Click the scroll buttons 

to view the tabs of any hidden pages on the tab bar. Close the current page by clicking

Homepage views

Accountants Enterprise only

A number of standard homepage views are included in the installation. The number and type of these homepage views depends on which applications you have installed, but they generally cover all the basic homepage elements you require. They are not customisable, but the usual filters and sorting tools are available.

Your other homepage views — My Homepage views — can be customised to display and quickly access information that is appropriate to how you use the application. By default there are four homepage views that you can define with different names and view options. A configuration key can change the number of views available in the application for all users. See Configuration for more details.

You can choose which page is displayed when you first log in from your list of homepage views and various Find pages. You can also set which of your homepages is displayed when you click Home.

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