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Writing off WIP at the Practice Level

Practice Manager only

There may be times when you want to write off work-in-progress (WIP) amounts but not allocate the write off to specific employees.

For example, a client has $250 of unbilled WIP left over on their Tax assignment/job, due to a miscalculation in the amount quoted to the client for the work. You may not want to write off the WIP against the employees as this will impact their employee productivity/billing figures for the year.

In this example, there may be the following amounts for each employee:

  • Employee 1 $146.00
  • Employee 2 $104.00

In Stage Two of the Billing Wizard, you would bill out all of the time against the Tax assignment in the bill column (not the write off column). For instance:

  • Bill the total of $250.00, and

  • Add a negative Miscellaneous Charge for -$250.00 against the Tax assignment/job to offset the billed amount, effectively creating a zero invoice amount.

To enter a negative miscellaneous charge
  1. Open the client and click on the Bills tab.

  2. Click Billing Wizard in the TASKS bar. The Billing Wizard opens.

  3. Enter the required information, and then click Next.

  4. Click the [+] icon (found in the top left-hand side of the screen) Create miscellaneous charge. The Select Client Assignment/Job screen opens.

  5. Highlight the relevant assignment/job (in this case Tax) and click Add. The Create new billing charge screen appears.

  6. Select a miscellaneous charge value from the Type drop-down list, enter the net amount as a negative value, and any notes required.

    The Type of miscellaneous charge you select will determine if the amount you are entering will include tax or not. To check the tax rate set-up on the code, go to Maintenance > Miscellaneous > Code Types and expand the Misc Charge code type.

  7. Click OK.

  8. Click Close. The Stage Two screen appears with the miscellaneous charge total.

  9. Click Next. Stage Three of the Billing Wizard is displayed.

  10. Confirm the bill total is zero, then click Next and complete the rest of the Billing Wizard.

You may also wish to setup a miscellaneous charge code specifically for practice write-offs for reporting requirements. Should you wish to do this, see Creating a new task code for timesheet/disbursement data entry



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