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AE/AO/AccountRight hotfix 49546045 for version (AU and NZ)

Release date—12 March 2020

Release notes

We’ve made some enhancements to AE/AO in the background to support an improved online experience in the future. For now, there are no visible changes.

You must install this hotfix if you have clients that use AccountRight.  If you don't install it you won't be able to read from or post journals to your online AccountRight ledgers.

Install guide

Read through this install guide before you start installing. It will help you plan the tasks required.

  • Before you install the hotfix:
    • Make sure all users are logged out of all MYOB programs.
    • Ensure you have administrator access to the server where MYOB AE/AO is installed.
    • You must have MYOB AE/AO version installed.
      To check your current version, click Help on the main menu and select About.
To install the hotfix
  1. Go to my.MYOB  and download the MYOB Hotfix 49546045 – Install file and save it to your server location where you installed MYOB AE/AO.

  2. Double-click the executable to start the installation. The Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard window appears.

  3. Select I accept the terms in the licence agreement and click Next.
  4. Click Install. The installation begins.
  5. When you see the Install complete window, click Finish.
  1. To confirm a successful install, navigate to your deploy directory (this will differ depending on your installation):
    • C:\MYOBAE\AESQL\Central\Deploy
    • C:\MYOBAO\AOSQL\Central\Deploy.
  2. Check that the following .dll files match the Date modified below:


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