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AO Classic 23.0.1 hotfix 54657212 (New Zealand)

Release date—11 August 2020

Release notes

This hotfix resolves a couple of payroll issues in AO Classic 23.0.1:

  • S tax code was reported as STC in the pay day file.
  • Historical pay (before February 2019) displayed gross as 0 in the employee’s history. This was a display issue; the actual gross amount is correct in the pay.

This is the second hotfix for AO Classic 23.0.1. You don't need to install the first hotfix (AO Classic 23.0.1 hotfix 52699817 (New Zealand)), as this hotfix (54657212) includes the changes from the first hotfix.

Update: There's a newer hotfix that fixes this issue and more. See AO Classic 23.0.1 hotfix 31938723.

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