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Common tasks and troubleshooting (MYOB AE 5.4.36)

Common tasks
Upgrading multiple Accountant Enterprise databases

If you have multiple Accountants Enterprise databases, you must update each database individually. Make sure that you back up each database before you upgrade. See How do I back up the Accountants Enterprise database?

To update each database:

  1. Follow the instructions for MYOB AE 5.4.35—Upgrading your existing version. On the Database Server window, select the first Accountants Enterprise database you want to update from the list. Complete the installation.

  2. Repeat the process until all Accountants Enterprise databases have been updated.

Starting the installation on a terminal server

If you're installing on a terminal server, you must follow these instructions to start the installation.

  1. If your terminal server is Windows Server 2008, select Start > Control Panel. Click Classic View in the left pane and click Install Application on Terminal Server.

  2. Navigate to the screen where you select the application you want to install. Browse to the temporary directory which contains your downloaded install files.

  3. Click setup.exe. The installation starts.

  4. Follow the instructions in MYOB AE 5.4.35—Upgrading your existing version.

Backing up and upgrading the Accountants Enterprise database

When you first log in, Accountants Enterprise will prompt you to run a backup an upgrade of the Accountants Enterprise database.

To backup and upgrade the Accountants Enterprise database:

  1. Click Start > Programs > MYOB > MYOB AE to open Accountants Enterprise.
  2. Log in to MYOB AE. 

    You must log in using an account which has permission to perform database upgrades in Accountants Enterprise

    The Upgrade Needed window opens.

  3. Click Yes to start the backup and upgrade process. The Backup database window opens. We recommend that you back up your database before continuing with the upgrade.

  4. Click Yes to back up the database. The Confirm Script Execution window opens. This window confirms that the database backup has completed successfully.

  5. Click Yes to continue with the upgrade. A window opens displaying the status of the Accountants Enterprise database upgrade.

    When the upgrade is complete a window opens indicating that the upgrade was successful.

    The backup and upgrade process is complete and you are logged in to Accountants Enterprise.

Enabled linked connections

When User Account Control (UAC) is enabled, where you may not be able to access some network locations. This problem arises because UAC treats members of the Administrators group as standard users.

There will be a change to your computer’s registry settings that turns on Enable Linked Connections. This change is required on each workstation and server that uses mapped drives.

If the Enabled Linked Connections setting is not turned on, you may experience issues when installing and using your MYOB software.

After installation, you may be prompted to restart your computer because of the change to the registry for the Enable Linked Connections setting. MYOB recommends that you restart your computer as prompted.

For more information, see KB 35152.

Deleting unwanted standing orders

If you don't use standing orders, you should delete any unwanted standing orders that exist.

To delete unwanted standing orders:

  1. Select Billing > Standing Orders > Client bills from the toolbar.

  2. Select a standing order that has been created but is not required.

  3. Delete the standing order by:

    1. Highlighting the row of the selected standing order and press Delete or

    2. Clicking the Entries field, enter 0 (zero) as the number of recurring entries.

    If unwanted standing orders are not deleted or the Entries field is set to zero, you may find that standing order bills are created on the draft bills page. If this happens, standing orders can still be deleted from the draft bills page by opening each unwanted draft bill and selecting Delete from the Tasks bar. The template can the be deleted from Billing > Standing Orders > Client bills.

How do I identify the version of an application?

The following instructions vary with each version of Microsoft Windows.

Identifying MS Windows, MS Workstations Operating Systems version

  1. Right-click My Computer on the desktop.

  2. Select Properties from the menu. The Properties window displays the version details for the workstation and server.

Identifying Management Accounting System Integration Version and Accountants Enterprise version

  1. Open the application.

  2. Select Help > About.

  3. The version number is displayed in the About window.

Identifying MS SQL Server and MS .NET Framework version

Windows 7

  1. Select StartSettingsControl Panel > Programs and Features. The list of installed programs displays.

  2. Browse to the program you want.

Windows 2008 Server

  1. Select StartControl Panel > Program and Features. The list of installed programs displays.

  2. Select the program you want.

  3. Click Click here for support information. The Support Information message displays the version number.

How do I exit Viztopia to CDS/AE Tax Integration?
  1. Log on to the server.

  2. Click the VPM Background Post Process icon on the desktop.

  3. The VPM background post process window opens.

  4. Click Cancel.
How do I exit SRDal?
  1. Log on to the server.

  2. Click Start > Settings > Control Panel > System Release DAL.

  3. The System Release DAL window opens.

  4. Click Stop.

  5. The SR DAL Status changes to Stopped.

  6. Click OK to exit.

How do I back up the Accountants Enterprise database?

Use one of two methods to back up your MYOB AE database:

  1. Backing up your database using MYOB AE

    1. Open MYOB AE.

    2. Select MaintenanceBackup > Back Up Now.

    3. Press F1 on the Back up now window to access the online help for more information.

  2. Backing up using the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

    1. Select StartProgramsMicrosoft SQL Server 2008 or 2012 > SQL Server Management Studio. The Connect to Server window opens.

    2. Enter your login details and click Connect. The Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio window opens.

    3. Expand Databases to locate VPMSER.

    4. Right-click VPMSER and select Tasks > Back Up. The Back Up Database - vpmser window opens.

    5. Click Remove to remove any files shown in the Destination field.

    6. Click Add. The Select Backup Destination window opens.

    7. Select a location and type a name for the database in the File name field.

    8. Click OK.

    9. Select Options.

    10. Select Overwrite all existing backup sets.

    11. Click OK. The Backup of database 'vpmser' completed successfully window opens.

    12. Click OK.

How do I restart SRDal?
  1. Log on to the server.

  2. Click Start > Settings > Control Panel > System Release DAL.

  3. The System Release DAL window opens.

  4. Click Start.

  5. Click OK to exit.

How do I restart Viztopia to CDS/AE Tax Integration?
  1. Log on to the server.
  2. Click Start > Programs > Solution 6 > Run CDS VizPost.
  3. The Accountants Enterprise Background Post Process window opens and restarts Integration.
How do I restart AdminCentre background post process?
  1. Log on to the server.
  2. Click Start > Programs > Accountants Enterprise > MYOB Administration Centre.
  3. Select the stream Profiles to AE Tax for the required database.
  4. Select Action > Profiles to AE Tax - <name of database> tasks > Start background process - <name of database>. The <name of database> post process window opens.
How do I exit the MYOB Document Manager shortcuts icon?
  1. Right-click the MYOB Document Manager icon

    in the system tray.

  2. Select Exit from the menu.

How do I start MYOB Document Manager shortcuts?
  1. Logon to a workstation as a user who adds documents to MYOB Document Manager.

  2. Click StartPrograms > MYOB > Document Manager Shortcuts. The Document Manager shortcut icon displays in the system tray.

  3. Repeat the above steps on each workstation.

How do I identify my version of Administration Centre (with 6 Integration Groups)?

To find if your AC3 has 6 Integration Groups:

  1. Click Start > Programs > Accountants Enterprise > MYOB Administration Centre. The MYOB Administration Centre window opens.

    The window above shows 6 integration groups (see arrow).

  2. If your screen lists 6 integration groups, go to To find the version of AC3 with 6 Integration Groups below.

  3. If your screen lists only 2 integration groups, you don't need to run the AC3 Hotfix.

To find the version of AC3 with 6 Integration Groups:

  1. Select Help > About MYOB Administration Centre from the main menu of the MYOB Administration Centre window.

  2. The splash screen displays the version number.

How do I install .NET 4.6 manually?

If you need to install .NET 4.6 manually, you can find the installation file for .NET 4.6 in the MYOB AE release download area.

Error messages
Database connection error




There was a problem connecting to <database>.

  • The SQL Server Agent (MSSQLSERVER) is not running.

  • The currently logged in user does not have access to the database.

  • The wrong Login ID or Password has been entered for server authentication.

  • Ensure the SQL Server Agent (MSSQLSERVER) is running.

  • Ensure the person performing the installation has administrator rights on the SQL server and access to the database.

  • Check and re-enter the login ID and password for server authentication.

Incompatible version of Accountants Enterprise




The Accountants Enterprise version detected is not compatible with this install.The installed version of Accountants Enterprise is not compatible with the Accountants Enterprise to be installed.

Make sure you've installed MYOB Accountants Enterprise version 5.4.35 on your server:

  • MYOB AE version 5.4.35 server installation.

  • MYOB AE version 5.4.35 client installation.

Incorrect version of MYOB Document Manager




The MYOB Document Manager version detected is not compatible with this install. You need to upgrade to the latest version of MYOB Document Manager. 

If you have MYOB Document Manager, the minimum version required is version 5.4.35.Download and install the latest version from my.MYOB.
Common messages, their causes and solutions





Method not found: 'Int32 MYOB.CSSInterface.CSSUpgrade.get_ProductId()'

Workstation install was not run on the machine after the server install.

Run a workstation install on the machine/s experiencing the error.

Files in Use

Files that will be updated by the install are in use.

Exit all users from Accountants Enterprise and click Retry.

Out of disk space

The amount of space required for the install exceeds the available space.

Free some disk space and click Retry.

Folder Sharing is required if you require multiple workstations to access this server. 

Server does not have Folder Sharing enabled.

Enable Folder Sharing.

Accountants Enterprise Server requires the database compatibility level to be set to SQL Server 2008 (100) / SQL Server 2012 (110) or above.

Users may be logged in.

Follow the on-screen instructions.

Errors that display in the upgrade log file




Failed to retrieve database version. Connection problem? Login failed for user 'sa'.

You entered an incorrect Login ID or Password in the Database Server window.

Enter the correct login details for your SQL server and click Upgrade DB.

Failed to retrieve database version. Connection problem? Cannot open database requested in login 'Central'. Login fails.

The database selected in the Database Server screen does not exist on the server.

Select a different database if one exists or contact MYOB Support.

[Error Line In File] Various error messages.

The MYOB AE upgrade script found errors.

Click OK. Contact MYOB Support.

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