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MYOB AE 2019.0—Introduction

The following explains the MYOB AE Practice Solution combined installer.

If you use MYOB AE Tax, the combined installer will automatically:

  • run the year end routine during the install

  • install AE Reports for SQL Tax users, so there is no need to run a separate installer to obtain the new tax year reports

  • backup your MYOB SQL database(s) during the install.

The MYOB AE Tax year-end routine uses the default settings for:

  • Return date due—Reset using ATO Tax Level/Classification

  • Clear invoice amounts.

Do not use the combined installer if you use MYOB AE Integrated Release (AE Tax Series 6/8).

Check the table below to see which products are installed by the combined installer.


AE Tax—SQL or non-SQL *


Client Accounting


Corporate Compliance (integrated with Practice Manager) **

Corporate Compliance (standalone)

Document Manager


Practice Manager

PDF Manager

Any combination of the above products





* The combined installer will not update both SQL and non-SQL Tax. For example, the non-SQL database will not update if you also have an SQL AE Tax database.
If you want to convert your non-SQL Tax database to SQL Tax, contact MYOB support for help.

** If you use Corporate Compliance as a standalone version and not integrated with Practice Manager, use the separate installer available on the my.MYOB download page.

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