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MYOB AE—Upgrading your existing MYOB AE

1. Install the service pack
  1. Save the install .exe file provided by MYOB.

  2. Double-click the install file and follow the on-screen installation instructions.

2. Update workstations and terminal servers

An upgrade can either be done by auto update when you open AE, or manual update.

If you have terminal servers, you'll need to run the manual update on each terminal server.

Auto update

If you see this screen when you open MYOB AE, automatic workstation updates are enabled at your practice. Click Yes to update your workstation.

If you see this screen, automatic workstation updates have been disabled for your practice, so you should run a manual update on your workstation.

Manual update

You will need to run this workstation install on all workstations and terminal servers.

Turn off virus protection software, anti-malware, screen savers and close all MYOB applications. If you're installing on terminal server, don't forget to put the terminal server into Installing applications on a Terminal Server.

  1. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to X:\MYOBAE\AESQL\WorkstationInstall, where X: is the mapped drive AE is installed.
  2. Double-click setup.exe and follow the prompts.



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