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MYOB AE/AO release notes—2019.1 (Australia)

Release date—2 April 2020

This is the latest version of MYOB Practice Solutions for:

  • Accountants Enterprise (AE)—MYOB AE 2019.1 (including Tax 6.47 SP3 and Tax 8.31 SP3)
  • Accountants Office (AO)—MYOB AO 2019.1

2020 Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) return

From 1 April 2020, you can lodge your 2020 FBT return via PLS. See the 2020 Fringe benefits tax return instructions on the ATO website.

If electronic lodgment is unavailable, use the facsimile PDF version of the form to lodge a paper return with the ATO.

Resolved issues—MYOB

We've fixed:

  • the discount on a capital gain calculation when the taxpayer is a non-resident
  • the company tax return where the discount (net) capital gain received from a trust wasn't printing on the Distributions received from trusts worksheet (dit)
  • the PDF version of the SMSF return where it was incorrectly setting:
    • label 6DIf the audit report was qualified, have the reported issues been rectified? to No if label 6C was No
    • label 10E Did the fund have any other income that was assessable? to No when it's blank on the screen
  • the size limit on item 18V Net capital losses carried forward to later income years in the individual return. We increased it from 8 to 11 characters to correct V7 on F3 validation for large amounts
  • the estimate for PAYG income tax payable was not deducting LMITO from GDP notional tax without opening and saving the PAYG worksheet
  • the wrong year printing on the Farm Management Deposits and Repayments (fmd) worksheet
  • where fodder storage assets were depreciated on a pro-rata basis instead of the full amount being immediately written off
  • the calculation for MLS and HELP was incorrectly including First Home Super Saver Scheme (FHSS) amounts
  • the M2 Medicare levy. The days under MLS threshold were incorrect when MLS schedule not used

    Prior to this service pack, the days under MLS threshold were only calculated correctly after opening the Medicare levy and part-year tax-free threshold (mlv) worksheet

  • taxed and untaxed element amounts for Australian annuities and superannuation income streams weren't prefilling the labels correctly if a taxpayer was over 60 years of age
  • PP averaging wasn't deleted from the estimate when it was deleted from return properties.
Client Accounting
Statutory reporter

We fixed an issue where previewing reports for clients using an AccountRight ledger wasn't working as expected.

Document Manager

We fixed an issue where Document Manager wasn't updating correctly after publishing to the portal.

Check your version numbers


Version number




2019.1 (for a 2019 tax return)

2018.4 (for a 2018 tax return)

Client Accounting

Document Manager

Practice Manager

Tax Homepages

Stat Reporter Formats37
To check your version numbers


  1. Open MYOB AE/AO.

  2. Click Help and select About.

  3. Click Plugins.

  4. Check the version number of individual products.

For AE/AO Tax

  1. Open a tax return.
  2. Click Help and select About.
  3. Check the version number is 2018.4 for a 2018 return and 2019.1 for a 2019 return.
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